• Christopher Hopkins

Mankover Madness Continues

As many of you may be aware, we decided to grab onto the men’s makeover madness and create our own word for it. “Mankover.” 40 years ago women liked some hair on their man, but times have changed, and if you ask around, the majority of women under 35 prefer that he at least manage things a bit.

Even if you’re a man over 40, who has no intention to manage his body hair, there is never an excuse for not taking care of the BBNNE. That’s brows, burns, neck, nose and ear hair. No one wants to view collections of atmospheric particles embedded in the hirsute crevasses of an aging man. Except, perhaps, a cleaner monkey with time on his hands.

Here are a few fun videos to watch. And remember: a clipper and a number one or two guard keeps everything neat and tidy without having to go boy bald. There’s nothing like a freshly mowed lawn in the summer, and the marketing team from Gillette says: “When there’s no under brush the tree looks taller.”

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