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Makeovers For Men? Readers Write

Question: Christopher, Just wondering if you are considering

branching out to men. I brought your book home and showed it to my

husband, and one of his first questions was whether you provided advice for men as well. He is always looking for ways to look his best, but frankly isn’t quite succeeding. Regards, Candace.

Answer: Well, Candace, I would love to. I pitched the idea to my agent who basically said to not waste my time as there isn’t enough of a market to warrant the effort. I’ve learned a lot about this since writing the book. It’s no wonder older men and the over 40 market of women (regardless of how large or how much money it has) is still not a focus for advertisers. And that’s what it comes down to. What show can I be on, what is the market of that show, what magazines cater to that market and, well, how do we sell to them?

We’re here, we just seem to be forgotten. I’m not saying NEVER, I’m just saying, pretty much not in the near future. Until then, I’m writing a book that will answer the needs of younger women as well as the women who have become fans from Staging Your Comeback! Stay tuned!



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