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MAKEOVER: “Wig to the Rescue,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover® Guy

Due to genetic predisposition and health related issues Joyce wears a wig. She brought two with her for me to cut and left with a new one. Wigs can be fun!

Transcript: Christopher: I think we can do some shaping. You’r makeup looks great. Can I take it off? Speaker 3: Yeah! Christopher: This is … What is this from? Speaker 3: I was on some arthritis medicine, and it just took its toll. Christopher: You can be anyone you want to be. That actually isn’t too bad. Speaker 3: Oh my God. This looks like college days. Christopher: Did you have longer hair in college? Speaker 3: Yeah I did. For about a semester. Christopher: This one is going to have too much hair in the front. This is nice as far as the line. I would cut it so it’s higher here. Yeah this one is not a great one. Now you want to put that down, the first thing you did was flatten it, did you see that? Feel free. I like that this has air. That’s the important part of the short bob. We can cut the front so these bangs don’t … Speaker 3: Yeah. Okay, what’s your idea? Christopher: I’ll give you that wig, the red one, for the fun of it. I’ll cut these, and if you decide you like that shape, you know which one it is and you can get a different color. Speaker 3: That’s a deal I can’t refuse. Christopher: I know, I had to come up with something. Speaker 3: I love it, I love it. Christopher: It’s a really good shape from the side. Isn’t that cute? Clipping up like that? Speaker 3: Yes. Ugh this has been one of the best days of my life. The whole day was just wonderful. I couldn’t thank you more. People that have some medical issues, people that wear a wig, they don’t have to just crawl in a hole and say, “I can’t be beautiful.” I’ve always been very self conscious about some of the medical issues, but not today. It was a real splurge for me, but it was a good splurge.

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