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MAKEOVER: “Three Generations,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Bonnie, Pam and Amy flew into Minneapolis for a Grandmother, Daughter and Granddaughter makeover. Three different personalities but all three beautiful women. With Bonnie we kept her darker color which she preferred and I agreed. We added scalp concealer to make the hair appear thicker and brought out her dramatic style with eyeliner and brows. Pam was a natural beauty but the crisp eye makeup really made her shine. We toned the gray hair to appear more platinum than dull white. Amy had very difficult hair. She needed volume and with difficult cowlicks a fringe was not a good option. I love the shape of the cut and think she looks very elegant and put together.

Bonnie:                      Bonnie.

Robert:                      Bonnie, where’d you come in from today?

Bonnie:                      Actually, Decatur, Illinois.

Pam:                           Pam.

Robert (behind camera):    Pam, where’d you come in from today?

Pam:                           Kansas City.

Amy:                            Amy Henry.

Robert (behind camera):    Amy, where’d you come in from today?

Amy:                            Kansas City.

Bonnie:                      Maybe a different hairstyle?

Robert (behind camera):    Are you going to be able to maintain this on your own?

Bonnie:                      I hope.

I’d just like to see what another style would do.

I guess my son in law.

Robert (behind camera):    What do you think he’s going to say?

Bonnie:                      I think he’ll be surprised.

Christopher:              We like her white hair, but we’re going to color it. All you people go, “Don’t!”, too bad.

Pam:                           A friend of mine recommended you.

Everything was great. I loved Joanne. She was wonderful. I’ve had a great day.

I just want to look complete different than what I do.

I would do it all over again. It was great.

Robert (behind camera):    Would you?

Pam:                           Yes. It was great. No stipulations.

Robert (behind camera):    Whatever we want to do?

Pam:                           Whatever you want to do is fine.

I will recommend it to everybody.

Amy:                            … fresh and different, that’s fun, but looks still professional too. I meet with a lot of executives.

Our friend Linda Fricke told us about you guys.

Robert (behind camera):    She was in last week.

Amy:                            She was in last week.

It was absolutely fabulous. It was the most amazing experience ever.

Something that looks refreshing, and more young. I turned 40 earlier this month, so …

Robert (behind camera):    That’s a milestone.

Amy:                            Yes.

I told him that three hot chicks were coming back in his house.

Thank you.

Bonnie:                      Bye bye.

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