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MAKEOVER! Thin Fine Hair and a Small Head

Joyce Murphy.

And Joyce how did you hear about us?

Um, my coworker gave me a great birthday gift.

Joyce from Hastings.

You’re really old.

Old! Flabby.

Class of ’82?


Well there you have it.

There it is.

Why do we even show up in the morning?

She wants to fade into the woodwork and have not have anybody notice her.

Me too.

We already did the silhouette.

Well, I like my length.

Of course.

I think I put that on there.

OK. Well there you have it.

Because it’s so thin I don’t feel like shorter styles would me any better.

She’s wrong. But it’s okay.

It will be dark into here and then light.

And even a level seven, eight? I could do eight so we don’t freak out too much.

Like this somehow?

That’s better.

See how the length comes up like that it looks better than this?

Today I’m Joyce we are adding a little bit of depth and cooling off her color to make it more neutral.

We are going to do a lot of hand painting so it looks very natural and the regrowth will be really nice and easy to maintain.

What I have to do is not take your anxiety into myself because then I do not as good a job and I have to cut to make you look good. We’re doing the whole lid with the all over light color. And this just evens out all of the skin tones and breaks it all up but using a color that is good for your eye color.

I just want a fresh new look and get out of this ’80’s hairdo that I’ve had forever.

I love my new look. Love it. Love the volume, the color, everything’s fabulous. I love it!

Really short short haircut.

Did you have a pixie when you were younger?

I did! My mother kept me in a Pixie all the time.

We’re creating a little volume.

Look at that! Volume!

I’m just amazed.

Holy head of hair, I can’t believe it!

You look very pretty. Do we agree now that you look very pretty? You can say it.

Ok. I feel pretty.


Look at you! Fabulous. Do you love it?

Yeah. Do you like the color?

I love the color. I love the cut. I think you look spectacular.

He is going to say “You look beautiful!”

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