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MAKEOVER of the Week: “I Don’t Want to Scream Schoolteacher” by Christopher Hopkin

Kris at 44 had very fine and thinning hair in the temple area. Yet it had good density in the back. Margaret Bodensteiner updated the classic blonde foil with a custom “hand painted” look to give her less regrowth and a more modern color. Kami Kleven showed Kris some fresh makeup tips including where to place blush. I inverted the cut and layered the front to appear more in balance with the back. Joann Hopkins did her silhouette and we think she’s adorable!

Transcript: My name is Chris Johnson. I’m Chris. Christopher: Nice to meet you. Oh, you scream teacher! Speaker 4: We’re hand painting instead of using a bunch of foils. We’re adding some low-lights to get her some dimension and have a really nice natural look of being a blonde rather than when it grows out, having that big regrowth. Chris: I’m loving it. I think it’ll be a great change. Christopher: You can divide the head into six different areas and make each one a little picture. Then you put all the picture together and you’ve got a haircut! Speaker 5: This is just a natural area where your skin might flush anyways, so you don’t want it to be in a color that … Or an area that will not be complementary. Chris: I would love look a little more younger, fresher. Kind of a new look. I’ve had the same hairstyle for a while. It’s a big change. I used to have the longer hair and now it’s definitely shorter and a little bit darker but I love it. Christopher: What’s really short to you? Chris: Like up here. I love the haircut with Christopher. That was just a fabulous experience. The way he’s able to look at my face and figure what would look good on me. Let’s try this and let’s take it up here a little bit further and I just thought that was a great experience. By the end of the day everything’s just very droopy. Christopher: It just looks like dead hair. It doesn’t look like a hair do. Chris: Yup. Christopher: The hair in this area forward is much more sparse than the the hair in the back. Chris: I don’t scream school teacher, I don’t think.

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