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MAKEOVER: “Nothing too Drastic,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Tammy had been so used to “just being a Mom” that she seemed to lack the confidence to discover her inner wild child. She had difficult hair and to add more of a challenge she had been cutting it herself and just pulling it back.

Transcript: Hi, I’m Cami. A friend of mine liked you guys on Facebook and I did the same and been watching the videos. Christopher: OK, you basically want a little trim and me to tell you what you have is good. Got it! Blonde is good, the blonde is good. But I think it can be lighter. Cami: I’m a busy mom! Christopher: Oh, these are bugging me, so you cut that and then this bugging you so cut that and OK. Cami: I just pull it back all the time. So then I was just like … Yeah. Christopher: I get it. Cami: I just don’t want really short or shave one side. That’s drastic to me. You can bring the length up if you want. Christopher: I’m just … I’m being facetious. Oh, oh glad you stopped me from shaving one side. Well … Cami: Sorry to burst your bubble! Christopher: No! But what I … You have. Cami: You should know, I guess. Christopher: Well, I want you to love your hair. That’s why I’m thinking [inaudible 00:01:09]. It’s got such a break from what you’ve cut so that it’s … It doesn’t have much look and I just think, ya know, this isn’t doing anything. If we can get something in here to slenderize the neck … Well, then it can fall. Otherwise you just have hair that … Cami: Yeah. Christopher: That’ll be good. Cami: Seems like I’ve been mom for so long. I like it! My first child went to college this fall and now I feel like I have all this free time. Robert: Sure! Cami: I was interesting to see how he actually cut my hair with a blowdryer. Christopher: What? Robert: You’re open for whatever we decide to do? Cami: Yeah. Well, you know, nothing too drastic.

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