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MAKEOVER: “My Year to do Something Different!” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

I loved Lucy’s energy and positive attitude. It makes my job so much easier. Lucy’s basic color was pretty I thought but the gray had to go. She had just been doing highlights so Kelly Marciniak saturated the whole head matching her natural dark blonde while adding soft highlights. Amy Goulet taught her how to bring deep set eyes out and close set eyes apart. Joann Hopkins talks trend and why it’s not always a good thing. I just had a blast.

Transcript: Lucy: Hi, my name’s Lucy. I came in from Texas. I heard about you all through the internet and also the Oprah Winfrey show years ago. Christopher: Oh wow that’s a long time. Lucy:I want a fresh updated look and I’m willing to spend whatever amount of time I need to spend on it. Whatever you think for my face shape. Christopher: When I do this you look younger than when I do that. Lucy: I would like a refreshed, revamped, updated look. I’ve had the same hairstyle and the same wardrobe for a long time. This year is my year to do something different. I had my last child go off to college so we’re empty nesters and I want a fresh updated look. Lucy: I love it. I am so happy with it. I can’t believe I waited this long. Lucy: No spiky hair. Nothing too trendy because I’m in a conservative business. Lucy: I liked all the ladies who worked on me, the colorists, the makeup artists, Christopher, everybody, Joann, the whole team. Kami: Your eyes are slightly close set so what I’m doing is focusing all of my attention on that outer corner to bring the eyes apart. Lucy: It’s what to wear and what not to wear. Joann gave me some me some great tips. Joann: Remember, this is a guideline only. It will not reflect your personal style or any personal taste and it will not reflect trend. What you have to remember about trend is it’s only as good as it is on you and lots of times it’s not very good on anyone. Be careful with the teenage daughter who tends to focus on trend, sometimes we have to watch that. She has your best interest at heart I know, but be a little careful with that. Lucy: Thank you so much. I loved it.

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