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Makeover Mondays: Visible Slimming and Lift at 53

Kayce was a lot of fun. She was a NYC theater girl who hadn’t really found her own style. We decided to reflect her more dramatic and innovative personal style with clean lines and a touch of drama with a duster. Given the budget of under 300.00 per outfiit, we were happy to find something that worked for a short waisted, short torso, pear shape size 12.

I was just at a party recently, where again I was asked what I’d do to a woman who was 56 with hair below her bra strap. I explained how long hair can drag you down. It fell, as it usually does, on her boyfriend’s deaf ears who could only see length. (Hands over ears…la la la la la!) But this is a good illustration of lifting the face when lifting the hair. Also, by opening up the neckline, creating a monochromatic head to toe color and widening the legs of the trouser she looks visibly slimmer. (The tighter the taper the bigger the butt, ya know.)

Pushing up the sleeve brings the eye up from the hips to the waist. The long pendent help elongate the torso (Kayce has longer legs to a shorter torso). We kept the hair dark, but explained she needs to balance the dark with more eyes and brow.

And of course there is the power of slimming and lift with the new bra and shaperr that lies beneath.




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