• Christopher Hopkins

Makeover Mondays: Oh Mighty Isis

I wanted to be Isis. It’s very apparent my connection to the makeover and to the power of

female in image. I mean, she was pretty hot even with a center part and big ol ’70’s eye wear, but the dewy make up, the coral lip gloss and the dramatic eye shadow made Isis a 70’s beauty.

There were several of these super hero powerful women (and men) that had influenced my career in the makeover biz. I also wanted to be Samantha Stevens, Jeannie, Super Man, Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk, and both the bionic man and bionic woman.

But, since I eventually realized I couldn’t change my life by nodding my head or twitching my nose (and I tried, trust me) I learned I could improve other people’s with the world of beauty. It turned out to be a great realization.

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