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Makeover Mondays: Brightening Up at 62

Now granted it’s apples to oranges between a sweater and a summer dress. But that isn’t really the point. The point is what a few changes of line and proportion can do to enhance.

Cynthia has a body type I categorize as an I2 : a rectangular body type (bust waist and hips are proportionately the same) with short legs to a longer torso. Her big issue being a widening waist and protruding abdomen.

I chose a raised diagonal waistline (diagonals slenderize and raised waist elongates legs) with a a bit of gathering (camouflaging a tummy). The dress could have been about an inch or two longer, but as always in my makeovers for photos it seems I get no alterations, and it has to be “on a budget.” Meaning, you take what you can find for as little as possible and hope it fits. Not really easy as any woman knows.

The hair was lifted and curled away from her face for visual lift. Body make-up was certainly the key here. If you’re going to go without hosiery, many can benefit with leg make up. We used the leg make up and put it on her arms and decollete’ as well. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs does a nice job. This was probably “medium glow.”

The tulip (or slightly pegged) skirt helps give more shape to the hips. In other words, if you want to slenderize your hips, tulip or pegged styling is not the most flattering. But, in this case we wanted to add some curves.

And, as always, yes, folks that’s a shaper under there. Some dresses may have enough structure to cinch in your waist, but if you have a thicker waist line a waist cinching undergarment will help create the illusion of a younger midriff.

In case you didn’t already know I LOVE SHAPEWEAR!

Hair was highlighted, curled and brought “UP.” Up and away to lift the face. Generally bangs are more youthful, but with a shorter forehead it was more flattering to lift the fringe off the face.

Overall a nice fresh lift.

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