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Makeover Mondays: A Television Retrospective

I remember the first time I saw Jose’ Eben doing makeovers on television. I knew that’s what I was going to do.

I remember watching Ed Sullivan and Lawrence Welk and knew I was going to to stand infront of an orchestra and sing. I knew, or at least dreamed, that somehow I was going to do these things, and interestingly enough, I have. I have stood on stage in front of one of the finest orchestras in the world, and I’ve sung full voice with everything I had. Heaven. And I have been able to fully create my art of the makeover, and have it recorded in print and on television. Heavener.

Now there are several things I thought I’d do that I haven’t. I never became part of the Carol Burnett ensemble (though I did meet Lyle Wagner). I never appeared on Johnny Carson (though I did meet Doc Severinson). I was never able to do the splitz (though I could do a mean high kick). And, I never married that brunette with green eyes and long legs, moved to the suburbs where we had twin boys and very manicured shrubs, and a driveway with no cracks. (I did get the green eyes, two dogs, and some pretty nice landscaping, the driveway…well, someday).

I started compiling some of the TV makeovers, and realized I stopped collecting many of them as years went on. But, some of what I do have is presented here. Presented along with the great voice of Connie Evingson. So far, this journey has been S’wonderful.

And just for fun…one of the moments on stage actually caught on tape. There is a place for us, somewhere. The next place? I guess it is yet to be discovered.

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