• Christopher Hopkins

MAKEOVER: I Want To Feel Better

Robert (behind camera):            Hi, what’s your name?

Jean:            Jean Mahone.

Robert (behind camera):            Jean, where did you come in from today?

Jean:            From Prior Lake.

Jean:            I feel old. I am old. I look old.

Christopher:            Okay, well we’ll change that.

Speaker 4:            I think we can pretty much match her brunette up to cover that up, but put a lot of foils in so it’s more of a softer brown all over.

We covered up her sparkle section with a medium brown.

Robert (behind camera):            The sparkle is what?

Speaker 4:            Her grays.

Jean:            I feel old. I look old. I want to feel better. Margaret, and the coloring and the time it took for her and Christopher to decide and then Christopher had to play with the hair to decide what it was going to do. Then the effects of the makeup is just wonderful.

I don’t spend as much time on it as I should. It will be fun maybe paying a little more attention to myself. Thank you.

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