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MAKEOVER: “I Love Short Hair and Feel Like Me Again,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeov

Kelly had been growing her hair out for a few reasons. One she had breast cancer and had gone through Chemo and short hair reminded her of that. Addionally her family encouraged her to wear it longer. She just didn’t seem like a long hair person to me. Chelsea Baers popped some stronger blond streaks around the face and toned out the yellow. Kami Kleven offered some great tips on how to keep eyeliner from smudging. I created an asymetrical look that I think brings out her sassy personality.

Transcript: My name’s Kelly. Colorado. It was long and then I went to kindergarten and told my mom I wanted a pixie cut so I have this tendency towards short hair. I have always this dilemma of how long to wear my hair because I feel really good in it short. I feel free and like myself and all that. But I also feel like I have a tendency to cut it just because I didn’t know what to do with it. Yeah, I’m a little past that point. Christopher: I think it’s adorable! Robert: That’s a statement! Kelly: Yeah I do actually want to make a little more statement. Robert: So how do you feel about red hair? Kelly: Maybe. Speaker 4: Thick slices around the face to brighten up the face and then a more finer weave in the back to make it all blended and natural looking. Kelly: It just was a great opportunity for me to come along. I had breast cancer about five years ago and it made me think about my appearance a lot different because I lost all my hair and I lost my eyebrows and so I had to get really handy with a makeup brush. Speaker 5: We are using the dark color eye shadow called “Double Espresso” to set the eyeliner. It goes into the lashes here so that the eyeliner that we put on will not smudge. Kelly: I’m not really saying no to anything. Robert: OK, good answer. Kelly: For a while, I wore my hair longer because shorter hair was sort of reminding me of chemo hair. Christopher: We grew up sort of … People had hair cuts. Kelly: Yes. Christopher: “Oh that’s a great haircut. Oh look at her haircut.” So people had cuts and that was something that was great. Now, it’s like, “Oh look how long her hair is, look how long her hair is.” So I just think you’re a cut person. Kelly: They’ve all been telling me I should have long hair and I feel good in this! I feel like I sort of lost myself a little bit. I feel like me again!

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