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MAKEOVER: I Feel Invisible, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

My name is Lynn Dirk. Robert: Lynn, where did you come in from today? Lynn: I came in from Dickinson, North Dakota. I dry it as fast as I can and then let towels take over, then I use a big fat curling iron and kind of … Christopher: Try to smooth it. Lynn: Have my way with it. I’ve had this style for 15 years or so and I was looking on the internet, on Youtube at different styles and then I ran across Makeover Guy and was mesmerized. I’m getting used to it. When you’ve worn the same style for 15 or 20 years it takes a little time for your mind to get around it. Before I made the makeover it was basically just feeling invisible. I love working with my natural curl. You get to a certain age. I’m 57. I just feel invisible. I love the color, love everybody here, and was treated wonderful. It’s been comfortable all day and really have had an enjoyable time. I do. I just want to look my best. I’m kind of embarking on a healthier lifestyle and I think when you look better you feel better. Christopher: She’s adjusting right? Lynn: I’m adjusting, yeah. Christopher: She’s had her hair straight for … Lynn: My whole life. Christopher: This is her natural curls. Lynn: Since they’ve invented blow-dryers. Christopher: She’s not sure and I’m trying to convince her, but everyone go “Yay!” Lynn: I don’t know why but he’s madly in love with me 25 years after we’ve met still, so I think it wouldn’t matter to him what I did to my hair, but I think he’s doing to like it. He’ll say it’s so different. But he’ll like it. Speaker 4: Different, but I like it. Do you like it? Lynn: Yeah, I’m getting used to it. Robert: Feel it. Touch it. Lynn: This is all my natural curl. I told him you don’t like that my hair is always hard as a rock. Speaker 4: Good. [00:02:00]

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