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Who knew my last post “Going Gray Gracefully” would cause so much discussion? Obviously it is a chord that resonates with many. This situation reminds me of my good friend, piano teacher, musical mentor and, as she likes to say, “surrogate mother” Carolyn Laufenburger. Carolyn and my Mother, Joann graduated in 1958 from Redwood Falls High School. The same school from which I learned so many good things. (Particularly how to get kicked out of class). For Carolyn going gray is just not an option. When she turned 50 we tried to bleach her dark brown hair her to light blonde to ease maintenance. It was just too difficult to keep out the yellow, which, for an Olive skinned “Winter” is not becoming.

Years later, we tried it again, settling in on what had become at reVamp! salonspa here in Minneapolis, a popular “Fer a’ Cheval” technique. With this (ok, it’s French for horse shoe) technique we placed a level 6 (dark) ash blonde at her nape, a level 7 (medium) ash blonde from the occipital bone to the crown, and a neutral level 8 to the fringe then scatter it with pale blonde highlights. It give her enough dimension while still minimizing regrowth. This video shows two women on the road to gray, and how each uses haircolor to help achieve a more youthful, yet individual approach to dealing with gray.

The extremely charming blonde reminded us of Felicity Huffman, best known for her work on Desperate Housewives. It is very fun to bring out the celebrity in each of you!

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