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MAKEOVER: “Express who I am by How I Look,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy

Everything about this makeover is perfect to me. My entire philosophy expressed by a woman who approached the makeover with the right attitude, who let us do our thing, whose determination to use the information and maintain the look encouraged us.True inner beauty. Theresa was a joy, and I could do makeovers like this forever.

Theresa:                                  Theresa Anderson.

Speaker 7:                              And Theresa, where did you come in from today?

Theresa:                                  Sparta, Wisconsin. I was searching video on the internet trying to revamp my look, literally and I found you guys.

Christopher:                         What’s the story?

Theresa:                                  It’s a mess. Fix it.

Christopher:                         Okay. We can do that.

Theresa:                                  Play.

Christopher:                         I think we could have more fun.

Theresa:                                  Go ahead and play.

Christopher:                         Keep it ash to beige. That would be really pretty.


Amy:                                           Yeah. So, we’re taking her blonder, we’re keeping her natural base color in there. I’ll bring out a couple of the gray’s around the front and then whirling in a lot of fine ash-blonde pieces.

Theresa:                                  Oh! I’m so excited.

I didn’t do anything because I knew I was coming here and I wanted you to be able to do whatever you wanted.

I want the inner me to be expressed on the outer side.

Speaker 7:                              How old do you think that inner me is?

Theresa:                                  About 25.

Speaker 7:                              25?

Theresa:                                  I would be happy with 35.

Speaker 7:                              Okay.

Theresa:                                  I love it, love it, love it, love it! Everything I expected and more!

Kami:                                         So take the lighter color foundation. We’re just highlighting certain areas. Since we agree her and I both have smaller eyes, this is a way to bring certain features forward by making them look larger, by highlighting them. This is a good technique for people with small eyes, to highlight the inner corner and the outer corner, ends up making your eyes look bigger, and like they’re coming forward.

Christopher:                         So you’re oblong. You have a rectangular forehead, so it’s almost looks rectangular but, so what, that’s going to soften the forehead area and width, because width is the important part.

Theresa:                                  I’m going to be able to replicate this. I’m going to go to the clothing store and be able to purchase the clothes that are most appropriate for my body. I am going to be able to put this makeup on and to be gorgeous everyday.

Speaker 7:                              Oh, good for you!

Theresa:                                  Just because I want to be.

Love it. Love it!

I think whatever I come out of here is going to be amazing and it’s going to be so much better than what I’m currently doing that I don’t think you guys can do anything that will disappoint me.

I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t expecting this particular make over to change my life and make me happy, but to make sure that I was trying to express the happiness on the inside coming out. I’m glad that he asked me cause it really made me take pause and think about it and I’m so pleased. So pleased.

Thank you so much.

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