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MAKEOVER: “Donate my Hair to Children with Hairloss;” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeov

Ann had seen me on Oprah many years ago and had waited for as long to finally come in for a makeover. She was donating her hair to Children With Hairloss having donated to Locks of Love 3 time prior. Kami Kleven did a natural casual makeup lesson and we kept her naturally beautiful silver hair.

Ann: Ann. Robert (behind camera): Ann, how did you hear about us? Ann: Through Oprah a long time ago. I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. Christopher: I’m thinking in here somewhere, but- Ann: I’m going to donate it to children with hair loss. Christopher: That look in my … How much do you have to donate? Ann: 8 1/2 inches. Christopher: Are you having any anxiety? Do you take any medication? Ann: No, I’ve done this before, 3 times. Christopher: Okay. Ann: This is my 4th time. Yeah, that’s a nice length. Christopher: Dead protein to send other people to stick on their head. Speaker 4: I am setting the eyeliner that I used to put in between her eyelashes so her eyelashes end up looking more full without it looking like a thick eyeliner line. Robert (behind camera): Great. Speaker 4: This way you set it so as she’s blinking it won’t smudge around. Christopher: The product we used just gave it so much volume. It doesn’t even look like the same hair. We want her to grow the front out a little bit. She can wear it wavy or blown out smooth. Ann: Kids who don’t have hair for some medical reason. Oh my gosh. Totally different than what I had before. Very, very happy. My daughter also donated her hair. I had wanted to go longer, but then Christoper had suggested going shorter and I’m so glad that he did. Robert (behind camera): You look 10 years younger. Ann: Thank you. Robert (behind camera): You’re feeling worse. Asking you to wish. Ann: Thank you. Robert (behind camera): All right.

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