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MAKEOVER: “Choppy Blonde,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Carol waits 12 years after seeing us on Oprah to finally come in for her makeover.

Theme Music:           (music) How do I look?

Christopher:              I feel like I’m going to cut this stuff off and …

Carrie:                        Just make it really blonde.

Christopher:              Lots of, yeah …

Carrie:                        We want it, you want it more of a cool color?

Christopher:              Yeah.

Carrie:                        Okay.

Christopher:              I just feel like we could do medium.

Carrie:                        It’s going to be medium all around.

Christopher:              It’s going to be too average, and I don’t want that. We’ll make you a little more glamorous.

Carrie:                        Okay. Her form is in here.

Christopher:              Tell me how you found out about us.

Carol:                          A guest on the Oprah show.

Christopher:              That was many years ago.

Carol:                          Probably. I wrote it down and one day was going to experience it. Here I am.

Christopher:              Excellent.

Theme Music:           Looking good, feeling good. How do I look? You look good. How do I feel? You feel good. How do I look? You look good. You’re looking good and feeling gorgeous. Walks real steady in her high heeled steppers; she got lots of stuff …

Christopher:              Just thinking right now, when I first thought it might be a little too golden, so we might have to put a toner in there. I don’t know if she …

Amy:                            All right, and then we’ll do white eyeliner on the inner rim to really whiten and brighten the eye, make it look more open, like you got a really good sleep even if you haven’t.

Theme Music:           You feel good. How do I look? You look good. You’re looking good and feeling gorgeous.

Carol:                          This is amazing. Definitely, I’m so glad I came. It has just been, “Should I do it or should I not do it?” I’m so glad I did it.

Christopher:              Excellent. We reached all the expectations.

Carol:                          Definitely, and more.

Christopher:              Wonderful.

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