• Christopher Hopkins

MAKEOVER: Blonde to Red

Hi. My name is Brooke. I’m in from a little town in Michigan, right outside Ann Arbor.

Christopher:            What are you hoping for? I mean, I have things that I can … visuals that would be … It depends on which change [inaudible 00:00:18], if you want to do something different.

Brooke:            Just a new, fresh look. My colors are warm. I really only wear warm colors.

Christopher:            Can we go a little more strawberry?

Brooke:            Yeah, that’s fine.

I came across some of Christopher’s videos on Youtube. I checked out his book, too.

I really like it.

Just to come out with a new fresh look. It’s how thorough everyone was. Not that that’s a surprise for this salon, but it was just a nice way to be treated. Trying to keep up with the change in age, you know.

It’s wide open possibilities, just to see what Christopher has in mind. Thank you so much.

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