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MAKEOVER: “Aging into a Swan,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Kim arrived from South Dakota for a makeover at reVamp! salonspa in Minneapolis. She had a pretty good grasp of how she liked to look and I didn’t see the need for a huge change. But I did think we could work with her natural curl as a option to straight. Such a bright and fun guest in my chair. She brought her daughter who was attending beauty school in Iowa.

Kim: I’m Kim. Robert: Kim, where’d you come in from today? Kim: I came in from South Dakota. I found out about him on YouTube. Speaker 4: Adding in a few lowlights to add some dimension in there, and then I want to do a really nice gloss so it’s nice and shiny and healthy. Kim: The larger the girl, the smaller the clothes. Christopher: Oh, I know. Kim: It’s like isn’t this cute. Christopher: They think look at this. It’s tighter so I look skinnier. Kim: Yeah, no. We’re gonna go curly, I don’t know. Curly is not my thing. Christopher: She doesn’t like curly. Robert: You don’t like curls? Christopher: No. That’s why I’m doing it. Speaker 5: Contour right here and then the blush here and now we’re going to do highlight. Kim: Highlight. I still don’t know what that one is as well. Speaker 5: Right on the high plane of the cheek right here. A little up to the temple. Kim: Oh, okay. So it’s a very small. Speaker 5: Yep. Very light. Kim: Okay. Speaker 5: Light color, small area. Kim: Awesome. Robert: It looks good. Kim: How did you do that? Christopher: I’m going to finish it. When you’re at home you can do this, but you should be able to at least kind of let it air dry and pin that in, and then if you want to curl it, finish it with this or blow it out, you can still round brush it but then it’ll be a fuller round brush. Kim: I’m anxious for Christopher to tell me what color, what cut, what style. Robert: You’re open for anything? Kim: I’m open for anything. I love it! I brought my daughter in. She’s going to beauty school, so I wanted her to see what she could do with her career and that’s about it. Well, Christopher is a hoot, the makeup is nice, the color is great. It was all wonderful. The silhouette analysis with Joanne I learned a lot. I wouldn’t say I’ve matured into a swan, but I’ve aged into a swan. I turned 50, so it’s just time to come in and have something done. Robert: Looks good. Kim: Ta da! Thank you for everything. I appreciate it.

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