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MAKEOVER: “A New Me!,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

What fun Alta was and had. We took the layered blonde bob up to give it a more youthful and slenderizing line, added strawberry and amped the eyes for a fresh new look.

Alta:                                           He said, “Well, what do you want me to do?” I said, “I don’t know.”

Christopher:                         He was watching.

Alta:                                           “You’re the expert.”

Christopher:                         Well, what I think is I don’t mind how your length is, but it’s so layered that it’s … That’s what makes it dated. I wouldn’t know your age, but the way it’s layered, a layered bob. Let’s do something shorter here for now. At least makes a difference.

Alta:                                           Okay.

Christopher:                         Then it’ll be a look.

Kami:                                         … That?

Christopher:                         Yes.

Kami:                                         Then this is all blended. So I think-

Christopher:                         If this is shorter … That’s what it would look like when you do the foils down here.

Kami:                                         Okay.

Alta:                                           I thought that layering was what dated fullness. No?

Christopher:                         Well, it dated 1982 when we permed it.

Alta:                                           Oh!

Christopher:                         I know everyone’s like … I was there. If you layer your hair, you have more fullness. Well, it will if you perm it and curl it , too. You actually have a lot to take care of.

Alta:                                           That’s what I’m end up doing.

Christopher:                         Yes.

Alta:                                           I end up … Mousse and spray and curling iron.

Kami:                                         We are putting in some highlights and I’m doing up really soft, kind of a brighter coppery red just to give her a little bit more dimension. Then we’re going to do an all-over strawberry blonde.

Alta:                                           Alta.

Robert:                                     Alta, where did you come in from today?

Alta:                                           From Orland Park, Illnois. I’m changing jobs. I start a new job July 6th. I’m moving from Chicago to Florida.

Robert:                                     Cool.

Alta:                                           In two weeks. And my son’s getting married at the end of August.

… I love it. I love it. I had the best day ever.

Bought the book and then started looking on the Internet.

I love the haircut. The colour, the make-up lesson. Everything.

I don’t want to see really short hair.

Actually, the haircut surprises me and how good it looks cutting it short.

… I hope I just look like a better me.

Robert:                                     You look gorgeous.

Joann:                                       Thank you.

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