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MAKEOVER: A Family Affair! by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

After Dawn bought my book, she was determined to make it all the way from Alaska. She did better than that; she bought makeovers for her two daughters and her mother! The four of them spent the day at reVamp! salonspa in MInneapolis. Four distinct personalities; I finally got Geri, Dawn’s mom to give in just every so slightly on revealing some personality. Miriam was a little bit the pensive teen and Julian was ready for anything.

Here’s the transcript from the video: Robert: And Dawn where’d you come in from today? Dawn: From half way between Palmer and Wasilla, Alaska. Miriam: Miriam. Robert: And Miriam where are you from? Miriam: I’m from Alaska. Jillian: My names Jillian. Robert: And Jillian where did you come in from today? Jillian: I’m from Austin, Texas also really from Alaska but I moved to Austin a little under a year ago. Jerri: Jerri. Robert: And Jerri where did you come in from today? Jerri: Phoenix. Christopher: You and two daughters, there’s three? Speaker 7: And mother. Dawn: Yes. Christopher: Oh, OK. Speaker 7: But she’s not here. Christopher: Oh, OK. Miriam? What a great name! You’re everything, you’re nuts. Speaker 8: She’s never been in a salon. Christopher: Oh really? Speaker 8: She’s always done her own hair. Christopher: Oh! Well can I make you beautiful? Miriam: Yeah. Christopher: Like Daryl Hannah. Robert: Oh yeah, absolutely. Daryl Hannah. Speaker 9: Blonde! Robert: Good reaction Miriam! Miriam: That I look better when it’s over. Robert: OK. Miriam: I just like the way they styled it. I don’t want my hair to be two inches. Robert: OK. Speaker 10: Hey! Jillian: I feel like my colors kind of bland. I’d like more dimension and maybe some different high-lighting or low-lighting in it. I love the color a lot more. There’s no more dead ends. Robert: Phoenix, Arizona. Is that where you’re originally from? Jerri: No. Robert: OK. Christopher: You’ve got great hair! What do you normally do to style it? Has it grown out somewhat? Jerri: I don’t do anything. I comb it! I want a hairstyle that is very easy to take care of. Christopher: Normally it’s just short? Robert: OK. Is there anything that’s warranting your makeover today? Jerri: No. I like it. I just hope I can keep it up! Dawn: I just want to look better when I leave than when I came here. Robert: OK. Dawn: I am so happy. It does not look like I cut it myself. This is cool because I like edgy. My favorite part was watching my mom and my daughters. Their makeovers because they really deserve to have that. Yeah, that was my favorite part.

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