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Long Face and Sharp Features Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles What Can I Do?

Question: I have a thin long face and sharp features. I wear my hair above the shoulder and naturally wavy. I feel like the curls and fluff soften the sharpness. I feel that my thin face looks like its sagging quicker that a full face. My eyes are long, brown and slitty like with hooded eye lids. I also have issues with darkness and puffiness under my eyes. Help me! Hello Leigh Ann,

Remember, round adds pounds, so anything round near your face will help. Round earrings, round necklines, round collars. Curls are good, as that has roundness to it, also the shape of the hair can be wedged with the fullest part of the hair at the cheeks and eyes.

Hooded eyelids are discussed in my book with details with photos on how to apply eye shadow to help. (You learn more about that here). Also, any videos you might find on line on how to do Asian eye make up may be of assistance.Google Eye Makeup Asian Eyes.

Puffiness is difficult. I know. Water retention from carbohydrates (alcohol, sugar, etc.) exacerbates puffiness. Drink as much water as possible, avoid the salt, bread and refined sugars (particularly the night before you need to look good for something).

Dark circles are best helped with concealer. Classic answer for puffy eyes is to put spoons in the freezer and then on your eyes to reduce puffiness. But anything cold will help. Cucumbers slices are also advised though I’ve never actually been patient enough to try them. One solution is to lie the bed on your back with your head over the end of the bed so the fluid can drain from the eye area.

And truthfully, diuretics help with water retention and so too with fluid in the eye area.

I hope that helps!

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