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Jennifer Love Hewitt: The Power of Pretty

I’m a Ghost Whisperer fan. I admit it. I was instantly enamored with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Instantly enamored with her now husband playe

d by David Conrad (and am every single time he walks on set…I’ve tried, really hard not to be, but alas) and then again, I’m enamored by Camryn Manheim. They are all pretty and lovely… but back to Jennifer.

What is it about her? What is the draw that put her on the cover of Maxim three times. It’s not a perfect figure or a perfect face, but it is the perfect sense of charm. She just makes you feel good. Which is the ultimate power of pretty. To make you want to open her door. To make you want to send her flowers. To make you want her. Without appearing to try.

It’s loveliness at it’s most girl next door. The girl next door who knows naughty and listens without judgment. She is, or at least the image we are shown, what I call lovely. To further the point, she offers young women something to aspire to that raises the bar.

It is no wonder she was chosen to play the role of “Audrey Hepburn,” one of the worlds most recognized ladies of lovliness, because sh

e is, or at the very least appears to be, this generations’ model of grace, elegance and humanity.

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