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“I Want to Feel Good About Myself,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Janet had seen me in a presentation in Kansas City and decided she was going to come up to Minneapolis for her own makeover. She is a hairdresser so she was pretty open. With the diagonal lines consistently throughout the haircut you can see how much more slenderizing the cut is. The deeper color at the nape and sides accentates the illusion of more height. Soft natural makeup by Amy Goulet and a “fer a cheval” transitional color by Joelle Hicks seal the look with classic beauty. Janet. Robert: Janet, where’d you come in from today? Janet: Missouri. Christopher: Looking good. Trying to create a little neck here that’s got [inaudible 00:00:15]. Janet: There was a pamphlet that came from the hospital, North Kansas City Hospital, and on the back of it was a picture of Christopher Hopkins, so we went to meet him at the Belvoir Winery in Liberty and we got to see him there. I think it’s wonderful. It’s a different look for me. I just turned 60. That was a big deal. Shorter than I’ve ever had, so it’s pretty neat. Robert: Oh, this is the shortest you’ve ever had. Janet: Yes. I like to have a new look and feel good about myself. Oh, I loved all of it. I love the color, I love the cut, I love watching, and the makeup was wonderful. I’m not real wild. He would be shocked. He didn’t even know I was coming. He didn’t know this was coming. Speaker 4: I like it. Janet: I do too! Speaker 4: Turn around. Let me see the back. Janet: Janet, I love it. Speaker 4: I know, different, huh? Janet: I like it, yes.

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