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I think I bought Mom Jeans What do I do? Readers Write

HELP! What is your advice on blue jeans? Don’t wanna be stuck in ‘Mom’ jeans but I think that’s exactly what I bought. Are blue jeans just o.u.t. after 50?

Breathe. Blue jeans are never out. If they’re flattering to you, don’t’ worry about the scare tactic used as “Mom Jeans” for fashionistas to flock to to sell products, or pitch promotions.

If they’re new, they’re not likely “MOM” jeans. If they fit your lifestyle and where you live in the country and flatter, who cares? If they are acid washed pleated tapered high waisted and yoked…well…maybe you should reconsider. And then again, maybe that will be a new “hot” look just around the corner (probably).

Classic, dark wash, non embellished straight leg or boot cut jeans that sit just below the navel are classically flattering. We’ve gotten too “into” designer jeans it has hit a tipping point. I recall a time in the 90’s when jeans with heels was SO wrong and SO out. I believe wearing “designer” jeans was considered “VERY NOT COOL” at that time as well. Anyone seen in Gloria Vanderbuilts or Chic Jeans were so late 70’s.

So, have no fear, “Mom” jeans will be remarketed and branded as the hottest thing to hit womens’ derrieres soon enough. In the mean time. Wear a cute tunic with them and no one will know.

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