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“I Need Some Drama,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Shari has weak, limp hair but it is naturally curly. She wanted volume, and messy and fun so by supporting the natural curl and letting it airdry we we able to capture a bit more zest. Amy Goulett lifted the eyes and Margaret Bodensteiner took out the gold and created a more skin flattering ash blonde.

Speaker 1:    We’re taking her from a warm, golden blonde from a brighter, cooler blonde. The regrowth will be a lot less noticeable and it will complement her and       her skin tone a lot more.

Speaker 2:      Mainly in the T-zone and under the eyes, this is where I put the face primer for smoothing and brightening. This is where we clean up the eye shadow that has fallen. Use your ring fingers, your weakest fingers and then lift up angular from your bones to the corner of your eye.

Sherry Vincent:  Like We did.

Speaker 2:           Make sure that we’re getting any of that eye shadow all over that angle because that’ll just pull down eyes so we’re lifting your eyes.

Sherry Vincent:     Sherry Vincent. I heard about it from  Julia. I’m so excited. I’m so thrilled with the look. I love the new color. I love the new hair cut. It’s just completely what I was hoping it would be.

I think just some drama. I’m an interior designer. I’d like to have something that kind of speaks my career and we have a wedding coming up. Our son’s getting married in October. I wanted to play with something new before that happens.

This is what I learned today. I have curly hair. Never knew it. I’ve always thought I had straight, limp hair. Surprise.

Love the color. Absolutely love the color.

Speaker 3:               And it’s you.

Sherry Vincent:          Yeah. It turned out fabulous. Look at all that curl.

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