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“I’m Completely Unphotogenic,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Kami didn’t want to do a video. “I’m completely unphotogenic, she said.” Well we changed all that. Audrey Mullenmaster created this fabulous Ash Blonde that toned down the brighter bleached look. Amy Goulet added some nice makeup and I brought the length up a bit. She has a very small head, so volume was essential. She used to perm her own hair. We hope with the right products and tools she will no longer need to!

Kami:                                    I’m completely unphotogenic

Kami:                         That’s no lie.

Christopher:                         You’re about to see yourself be wrong.

Kami:                                    Yeah.

Kami:                                      You’ll see once you look at these, how unfortunate I am.

Christopher:                         What you have is beautiful, beautiful thick… it’s thick hair. Right here, you got a small head here.

Kami:                                    I was told once I had a Polish head, and I don’t have any Polish in me.

Christopher:                         You never forget something like that.

Audrey:                                    No and it was [crosstalk 00:00:30].

Christopher:                         To all the Pollacks out there, that’s not an insult.

Kami:                                    No it was [crosstalk 00:00:33].

Christopher:                         A Polish head is something really lovely to have.

You know, please.

Kami:                                    I don’t know.

Christopher:                         I believe.

Kami:                                    Yes.

Christopher:                       its pretty sexy.

Kami:                                    I’m radiant. It looks fabulous. Better than I could have expected. Just an updated look, something more age appropriate.

Christopher:                         Okay.

Kami:                                    The hair color, it just looks so natural. It looks so classy.

Christopher:                         I am shocked that I have this much hair and that’s it’s so full.

Joann:                                       We’re putting on a little tinted lip conditioner to her lips, after applying the lip liner.

Kami:                                    [inaudible 00:01:25]. [crosstalk 00:01:28] and that’s no lie.

Christopher:                         You’re about to see yourself be wrong.

Amy:                                           Yeah.

Kami:                                    Great thank you.

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