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How to Minimize a Big Boobs

As we age the bust can become heavier, droopier making you look dowdier. Nothing improves like a good minimizer bra. A minimizer does not reduce the size of your br

easts it reduces your breasts projection. Instead of pointed breasts, the breast changes to a more firmly held mound. The cup shape is designed with a wider diameter and a shorter projection. Your malleable breast tissue is flattened and moved more under your arms, towards your center cleavage, up your chest and down towards your waist.

Some minimizers push your breast tissue more in one of these directions than others but in general, a minimizer bra can reduce your breast by an inch or more. I advise to look for styles that shape the breast with some projection. This takes construction and seaming. A molded cup minimizer creates round mounds. Round adds pounds. They may project less, but still may make you look heavy. It is worth some research. Finding a good fitter who understands large breasts is your best defense against what for many women can become an actual health issue. Lift, support, shape and reduce. It will show in your posture as well as your overall silhouette. Remember: A large and low bustline with poor posture will make you look heavier and older (not to mention more matronly).

Best Blouses for Big Breasts • Gathered yoke • Raglan seam sleeve • Bell sleeve • Peasant Sleeve • Tailored (bishop) sleeve • Surplice wrap (looser, not the tight knit empire waist type) Hot tip

: The tighter your sleeves the bigger your breasts. Choose according to your desired effect.

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