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How To Find The Perfect Hairdresser

Finding a good hairdresser is not an easy task. Clients have told me they would rather find new gynecologist than a new hairdresser. My advice is to ask a woman with a great haircut who cuts her hair. You know who they are. Someone you just know would have a good hairdresser. Get the name of the stylist and the salon. Then schedule a consultation. A consultation is often free and good way to “try out” new locales. Often people go to the stylist in a salon with the best haircut. The problem with that is that she didn’t cut her own hair, someone else did. If you think one of the staff in your salon has a great cut, ask who cuts her hair. Hairdressers expect good haircuts too, and they know who does the best cutting in the salon.

If you’re not sure if your hairdresser is best for you, try this:

  1. Brainstorm. Sit and think of women who always look great and write down their names then email or call them. They will be flattered I assure you.

  1. Check the yellow pages. Read the ads under Beauty Salons in your area. If you’re in a very small town, check in nearby towns if you’ve had no luck with the locals. Also check the nearest big city. Write down salons that appeal to you, not just by name, but also by the image of their ad. You are building a resource for your image here. It’s an important task.

  1. Internet shop. Search under beauty salons, salons, salonspas, makeovers, and haircutting. Try words like top, award-winning, and best.

  1. Check out sales associates in better apparel stores. Generally, these folks are more fashion forward and might have leads to someone they’d recommend. If you see someone in the mall or on the street who looks great and has a fantastic cut, stop her. Ask her where she goes. Write down the name of the stylist and the salon immediately and schedule that consultation.

If you’re very serious about finding the perfect hairdresser, try writing a personal letter to the owner or manager of a salon. Just calling will usually result in an answer such as “all our stylists are great.”

Explain your situation, your style, and that you want to start becoming a regular to that salon. Ask who they honestly would recommend for a woman with your hair type or situation. I want someone who listens. I want someone who will tell me what they think will be best. I want someone very creative and artistic. I want someone who does very precise work. If someone took the time to personally write me, it’s likely I’m going to have someone contact her with the name of the stylist I think would work best. If you find you’re not comfortable with that stylist, explain to the owner or manager why not. Then try someone else. We are here to work with you.

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