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How To Beat the Holiday Stress of Looking Fabulous

I have a friend who always told me, the only way to not be stressed about being on stage is to be prepared. I take that to heart when thinking of getting ready for the holidays.

First of all, I try to book my beauty appointments well in advance so I can not only get in (which I kind of have an “in” on that), but also so that I can have my “stuff” done right before an event.

For instance, I have my haircut and mani/pedi booked for the 23rd. I’m set for Christmas. But, oops, I happen to be on a local TV show today and my nails need help and my hair isn’t perfect and I’m not exactly sure what I’m wearing. Why am I anxious? Because as much as I’ve tried…I’m not quite prepared.

Here’s a little sketch to help you get ready for your holiday parties and make your entrance relaxed and in style.

BE PREPARED (to make it fun!)

Book Beauty Appointments Now (or schedule “do it yourself time”)

Book a special occasion ‘do and makeup the day of for special occasion parties

Even if you don’t know what you’re doing yet or have no plans, put together your “just in case” outfit now

SHOP YOUR CLOSET (and be prepared IF!)

Try everything on at least 1 to 2 weeks before event:

  1. Try everything on in front of a full length mirror with hand mirror

  2. Try on with undergarments, hosiery, or leg makeup

  3. Check for needed alterations, rips/tears, missing/loose buttons

  4. Take to cleaners, shoes polished, take any alterations to seamstress

Even if it’s a casual event, try on entire outfit

(Do the same for spouse/significant other, and children)

PUT IT ALL TOGETHER (cover with garment or plastic bag and label if needed)

Hang necklaces so they’re not tangled, put all in separate bag and hang from hanger

Have an extra pair of hosiery on hand if wearing stockings (check for runs/holes…men too!)

FINALLY:  for your clutch—think BLEWPTICK!

     Blush      Lipcolor      Eyeliner      Powder      Tissue      I.D.      Cell phone      Keys

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