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How Can I Create the Illusion of Thicker Hair? Readers Write


Just finished your wonderful book “Staging your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival Guide for Women over 45”. Thanks!!! for writing such an important book like this. All women 45 and older are indebted to you and your talents, truly. Question: I am a hairdresser dealing with clients that are thinning and would like a recommendation for a product that a women can spray onto the scalp a similar color that is the color of her hair. The result would be to give the illusion of thicker hair. In the past some of these products were called “spray on hair” where some type of flocking was incorporated to add texture and color.

Any suggestions for makers that have updated this transitional method of creating the illusion of thicker hair. Some of the past manufacturer’s have very limited color choices too. An fine example of one that uses this technique is the professional chef, Lydia Bastiani from the cable T.V. cooking show, “Lydia’s Italy”. Sure hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the great work!

Lisa Watts Hi Lisa,

I like “Dermatch” (and use it myself). Sometimes you might have to mix two to get the color you want, but it’s pretty easy. The spray on and shake on products tend to make the hair matte, to me and if you can focus just on the scalp it can be very nice.

http://www.dermmatch.com/ Christopher

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