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HELP! I feel like a HAG!

The following letter from Kristin in California appeared in my inbox. I responded that I normally charge for on line consultations, but if she was willing to allow you all to join in the process, I’d post it for review/comment/inspiration. Please cheer Kristin on as she embarks on her own comeback.

Here’s how it went down:

“Hi Christopher,

I was wondering if you ever come out to Southern CA to do makeovers? I have just bought your book (and love it) and I want a makeover! I am unable to come to you as my husband has been out of work the past couple of years and things have been tight. I live in Newport Beach, CA……. in the land of size o’s, no hips and bolt on’s!!! I need help!! I am 46, 6′, size 14, blond and blue. With all of the stress the past couple of years…I feel like a HAG!!!


Kristin in California”

Hi Kristin,

My friend Anthony is wonderful and has his own salon called Londoner Salon and Spa in Manhattan Beach.  http://www.londonersalon.com/

Online or phone consults are 385.00. The online consult is me working with your hair and makeup people and through photos or video to get you the best look. HOWEVER…if you want to send photos and allow me to post it in a blog with suggestions, that I can do for FREE!

So here it is. My first BLOG CONSULT!

Kristin. 46. Size 14. Dramatic/Alluring personal style. She says Body Type A3.

My first thought at the full length shot is that you do not appear, as you say, to be an A body type, you look pretty balanced to me. But I do not know exact measurements the color blocking may be creating the illusion. If you ARE an A (pear) body type I would avoid the horizontal whiskering on the jeans and the tapered ankles. Remember horizontals add heft, and the tighter the taper the bigger the butt. If you are more A body type, your shoulders balance the hipline nicely.

It also appears to me that you have a shorter leg and longer torso. With that in mind I’d keep over blouse length slightly shorter.  About the length that your blouse is on the sides and shorter. The besom pockets are fine above the bustline as you’ve chosen, I’d avoid them any lower.  The V neckline is very nice on you but I would consider sleeve length best for you at 3/4. I’d also recommend a bra fitting as this appears to be one cup size too small.

The haircut doesn’t seem to reflect your personal style as a Dramatic/Alluring.  It seems to be unable to decide which and therefore seems to do neither. I’d go for AT the clavicle line and crisp.  With the cut appearing in the front to start at the top of your shoulder and end at the clavicle, creating a diagonal line that will help lift the eye and slenderize.  Use a big curling iron for fun flippy curls when being alluring or a flat iron for a more dramatic look.

Make up looks fairly classic to me and is very nice. I would line completely around the eye and into the inner corners.  Your eyes appear more downturned so try lining on the inner ridge with less under the lower lash.  Also try lining under the upper lashline.

I would put a soft light nude to peach on the eye lid (the part that you see in the photo, and a little more contour color, like a soft brown, mirroring the upper lashes in the “crease.”

Lips are lovely.

You could use slightly more coverage on nose and around nostrils.

Here’s a hint for when you’re being alluring with cleavage or decollete revealing necklines. Try a spray on leg color such as Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs, Medium Glow.  It will cut the redness and smooth out your skin beautifully.

You’re a beautiful lady, Kristin and look very nice as you appear here. But if you truly want DRAMATIC/ALLURING and flawlessly beautiful…try the above.  Send us a picture and let us know.

(P.S.  You could also go into some deeper auburn tones for depth.  And if you like that idea for a change think of coloring darker from the occipital bone with lighter punches of brightness around the face and on the top.  This will also slenderize and lift..

P.P.S. For more drama still, suggest to Anthony a Saturated Level 6 Copper Red Ala Marcia Cross.


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