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Hairstyle for Round Face

Hello Christopher! I have been reading your book “Staging Your Comeback”. I am enjoying it very much. I just turned 55 years old and I am going through an uncharacteristic uncertainty about my hair. In the before and after section of the book there are no examples of women with round faces. I would just like some recommendations in this regard. Thank you so much!

Hi Sandra,

When trying to slenderize a round face the same rules of line, texture, color, proportion and accent apply.

Diagonal lines slenderize. Anything with angles in the haircut can help. For instance asymmetrical style lines create an illusion by drawing the eye across the face at an angle. Wedged (tapered, graduated) lines at the sides (as opposed to blunt) of the hair will help as well. Angled bangs rather than blunt are often more flattering, again, as diagonals slenderize.

Vertical lines slenderize (as in

longer straighter hair) can be flattering.

Texture adds bulk: Generally more “height” in the

crown of the hair adds life and is slenderizing. This can be created with texture (back combing, layering, rollers, curling iron, etc.)

Horizontals add heft. Avoid anything with blunt horizonal lines.

Round adds pounds, so a round hair shape will add to a round face. Curls can also be considered “round” style lines, but more important is

the exterior shape rather than the curl itself. (Also avoid round neck lines or collars).

Much depends on your hair’s natural texture, your styling ability, hair idiosyncrasies, your personal style, neck length, ability to acquire hair length, facial features, forehead, hair growth direction etc.. That’s why there is no easy answer for this question.

Just remember that all face shapes can attractive. Some of the most adorable women I know have a round face. The most important thing is that your hairstyle and makeup draw attention to your eyes which will draw the focus away from face shape.

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