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Going Gray Gracefully

My mother, Joann, finally bit the bullet and grew her natural color. She started to show a few strands of silver in her 40’s and never planned on coloring her hair. She was going to go gray gracefully. But while in cosmetology school, I told her I thought she was too young had enough time to go gray and she began covering the gray.

Joann, age 71, after going gray

As you age it is difficult to keep dark ash brown hair from looking harsh and severe. Highlights never really suited her and to lift the hair a shade pulled too much red for her “Winter” coloring. We experimented over the years and a cool red added to the natural brown gave just the right of warmth to keep the dark hair from looking flat.

As she moved into her late 60’s it became, to me, to look like effort. Since her hair had thinned she covered the scalp with Dark Brown Dermatch.This helped but it became increasingly difficult to cut and style her hair to look “like it use to.” Let me tell you there was some frustrating and tense moments in the chair. Mom’s hair has always been a VERY BIG DEAL.

Finally, she gave in. We started with a wig. Everyone loved “her new haircut and color.”

Mother Joann, age 66, still brunette

Unfortunately the wig was much thicker than her own, so it showed better than the multi colors growing out underneath. To make the process easier, we started foiling the hair light blond and using a violet toner, shampoo and conditioner. It was a LONG process, with more than a few “are we making the right decision” discussions. Fortunately her life love loves her no matter what which helps greatly!

When I look at her now I think she looks, not necessarily younger, but more beautiful. When who you are matches how you look, you can’t help but look right. I believe you can look frumpy, you can look desperate, or you can look just right. I think she looks just right. It’s who she is, it suits her as she now goes gray gracefully.

What do you think?

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