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“From Wrist Length to Above the Shoulders!,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Elise had had enough of her very long thick curly (bushy) hair. The staff played a little joke on me telling her to tell me she wanted a change but to keep the length. I fell for it. Amy Z added highlights and Kami Kleven spruced up the make up and brows. We cut her long hair short above her shoulders, but she still thought it was long. Perspective.

Elise Ferguson:                   Elise Ferguson

Robert:                                     And, Elise, how did you hear about us?

Elise Ferguson:                   The radio, and then Facebook page.

Robert:                                     A lot of hair.

Elise Ferguson:                   A little bit, yeah.

Robert:                                     What are your expectations for your make over today?

Elise Ferguson:                   I have no … do whatever.

Christopher:                         Elise?

Elise Ferguson:                   Yep.

Christopher:                         Is that correct?

Hi, I’m Christopher. So, what’s your aspiration today?

Elise Ferguson:                   Well, I was just thinking, I just need something to … yeah, exactly. Just like that. Something different. Side pony tail, yes, that’s good.

Christopher:                         All the fun you could have.

Elise Ferguson:                   I call it … it’s Cousin It, is what it is.

Christopher:                         You could bring it at the turn of the century. Last century. Doesn’t that look just something like that Victorian thing? Okay, anyway. What do you want? Are you thinking you want to get rid of length? You think you’re ready for a big change? You wanna …

Elise Ferguson:                   Well, you know. A big change, but not losing the length.

Christopher:                         Okay. So, how much length is not losing?

Elise Ferguson:                   Well, an inch or two.

Christopher:                         And you think that’s going to be a big change?


Elise Ferguson:                   Cut it out.

Christopher:                         No, I want you to like it, what everybody’s doing. You’re ready to lose some length, but you’re scared.

Elise Ferguson:                   No.

Christopher:                         Have you had it this way for a long time?

Elise Ferguson:                   Yeah, but that’s [inaudible 00:01:14]

Christopher:                         Oh, okay. Trust me.

Elise Ferguson:                   Just keep the length please.

Christopher:                         So many say they want to keep it long.

Robert:                                     She’s watched all the videos, she knows.

Elise Ferguson:                   No, I need something. I need help.

Christopher:                         I want to have this just to play with. Can I just keep the hair on my head and I’ll give you the length.

Cutting all that beautiful hair. How can you cut all that gorgeous hair off?

Elise Ferguson:                   Oh, man. That’s longer when it’s off than when it’s on.

Christopher:                         Ah. Feel better already.

Elise Ferguson:                   Oh yeah.

Christopher:                         Fur Elise

Elise Ferguson:                   My head doesn’t hurt anymore.

It’s been like this, obviously … if I knew what to do with it, it wouldn’t be like this.

I love it. I think that this is probably the first time I’ve left a salon and actually liked what happened.

Christopher:                         Open to anything?

Elise Ferguson:                   Yep. Well, don’t make it longer.

I guess I’m a [00:02:00]little surprised that it’s long, because I kind of said “whatever is fine.” But, it looks really good and I’ve … you know, the reason I came was because I knew Christopher would be able to do what …

Robert:                                     Looks best.

Elise Ferguson:                   What was right. Yeah.

Kami:                                         Doing a little mascara to enhance her lashes. Now that we did all the powder, it just re-blackens her lashes here.

Elise Ferguson:                   I have a nine month old baby, who thinks it’s fun to yank on it. It’s falling out everywhere.

All I want is some peace and quiet for a while. No one was yelling, “Mom, mom, mom!”

Thank you.

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