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Five Spring 2012 Trends and How To Wear Them

Every year the new spring fashion trends tempt us with the possible. But, hopefully those of us with a little experience do not once again (and we’ve all done it) fall in love with the “it” only to realize “it” isn’t a fit. With any trend, ask your self: Does it flatter my body type, my style, and my age?

Here’s my take on just 5 of Spring’s top trends.

1. Color Blocking.

Diagonal color blockiing can be slenderizing, but pleats that pull accentuate flaws.

I love bright colors. But remember bright colors advance, expand and draw attention wherever it is placed. Put it on the parts of your body you wish to advance, expand and draw attention. Contrasting color blocking must  balance proportions for the most figure flattery. Vertical and diagonal color blocking is more slenderizing, horizontal and round color blocking the least. Colored separates can be worn with any variety of whites grays and beige for the more sophisticated fashion personalities and those of us … with the “patina of wisdom and experience”.

2. Big Head to Toe Patterns:

Large round designs add pouds.

Iffy, unless the pattern is small to medium. The bigger the pattern the bigger you’ll look. If you carry some junk in the trunk (and you don’t want people to stare at it as it walks away) place no pattern there. And of course, remember that round adds pounds. Any round patterns, (big polka dots, paisley, blobs, or big round flowers) will add visible pounds to your figure.

3. The Peplum.

Best worn on balanced figures, the peplum helps creates curves and adds fullness. Definitely an avoid for thick waists. A peplum can flatter and conceal depending on it’s hem, texture and colort. It can give the buttless some booty. It can make a “boy body” appear more feminine. It will tell the world if you have a very short or very long waist.

Not all peplums are created equally, but this one draws attention to a short waist and adds midriff heft.

4. Unexpected Nails.

Crafty glittered nails are often best left to the pre-teen crowd.

For daily wear, I use the guideline that if you wouldn’t wear it on your lips, then don’t wear it on your nails. Extreme trend colors, patterns and textures are best meticulously applied on young, beautiful hands and feet and should coordinate with the whole look.

Let’s break it down.

Young, beautiful hands.

Like young and beautiful bodies, young, beautiful nails have the most leeway with extreme trend. If you have aging or unattractive hands or feet, why i draw attention to them? Neon and Easter Egg colors are often best left for prepubescent experimentation.

Effective on young hands when harmonized with the entire looo.

B. Meticulous Application.

Any flaws screams “HERE I AM! with extreme polish. Chips, cracks, mis-shapen, nails or painted cuticles instantly take the look from trendy to trashy.

Natural, Nude and Neutral Nails complement any hand or any outfit.

C. Coordination with your look.

If your theme is nautical, bright sunny beachy colors make sense. Glitter, black, cement, chartreuse? No. If your theme is innovative rebel, a soft oval shaped pink doesn’t work. In a soft feminine summer dress, a chunky checker board pattern is confusing. Festively glittered nails can defeat your authority and should be reserved festive occasions.

Bottom line? The further from natural in nail shape, texture, or color the bigger risk of lowering your fashion I.Q.

5. Pleated Skirts.

Long flowy pleats are feminine and flattering.

Very short pleats flatter the very young and slim.

Pleats are meant to fall closed, perpendicular to the floor. The should never pull or burst open. You may need to go up a size if you have any prominent bulges such as a protruding abdomen or saddle bags.

Thigh stitched pleats lengthen your torso, hip stitched pleats help lengthen a short waist. Unstiched pleats elongate shorter legs.

An over blouse, jacket, or sweater hem looks best landing where the pleats begin.

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