• Christopher Hopkins

Farrah Fawcett…was it her hair?

I was never truly a Farrah fan. I was a Kate and Jacqueline

guy. I didn’t really think she was THAT pretty for all the fuss. I do vividly remember her of course. I remember the commercials. I DEEPLY remember Logan’s Run where she could give someone a new face in minutes. (I thought…I can’t WAIT for the future!!)

Still, Farrah and her hair impacted what I did for a living for several years. Mainly, I recall trying to convince people to STOP THE MADNESS…

But from about 1983 through 1986 I put everyone in hot rollers, brushed their hair madly, tipped them upside down, dowsed a can of aqua net or some Spritz Forte’ and BOOM! Farrah.

Here’s a little moment to reflect.

I first remember Farrah in the Ultra Brite Commercials

This movie has stayed with me vividly since I first saw it over 30 years ago.

I am not sure about the definition of SPEED styler:

For some reason I remember Joe more than Farrah in this one, but in retropsect, she’s pretty sexy.




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