• Christopher Hopkins

Dramatic Long Hair Cut Short Makeover, by Christopher Hopkins, Makeover Guy

Producer/Director/Editor: Christopher Hopkins

Starring Kerry Grundhoefer

Camera: Robert Lindquist

Do you wonder when and how to let your gray hair grow out? There are a few ways. One, you can live with the regrowth and keep cutting it until it is grown out. Two, you can buy a wig during the terrible grow out.  Three, you can lift the colored hair with many blonde highlights to show a more gradual change. Or, you can just bite the bullet and cut off all the color, like Kerry does in this video.

The trick is makeup. To feel feminine with really short salt and pepper, gray, silver or white hair, make up and earrings are going to help. The key is always balance. Please share your thoughts with the Add A Comment link below!

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