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Does This Neckline Make My Butt Look Big? How to find your ideal neckline.

Your choice of neckline can affect your entire figure. Your best necklines will be in contrast to the shape of your face. I’ve illustrated a few necklines here and with the help of Wardrobe Expert, Joann Hopkins (that’s my mom), I’ve added her own notes to each.

A wide V neckline will broaden shoulders, lengthen neck and help balance wide hips. The deeper the V the more flattering especially on larger busted women. Older women must be aware of the decollate as it is not flattering when revealing time worn skin.

The turtle neck is best on long necks and can be worn straight up and scrunched or on med. necks folded down. Not good on short necks. Will make bust look larger. It frames face well. Will draw attention to mature necks and double chins.

A sweetheart neckline lengthens neck is a romantic, feminine shape which can broaden shoulders but will add to a larger bust.

Strapless is very pretty and feminine but not as good for a long neck or very heavy bustline. Be sure arms are attractive. Will broaden shoulders, lengthen neck and help balance full hips.

A square neckline will lengthen neck and broaden shoulders. Not good on broad square shoulders or a square face. Will help balance full hips.

A scoop neckline is good to broaden shoulders but not good if clavical is sharp (boney). It adds fullness to the upper body and helps balance wide hips.

Off the shoulder will broaden shoulders add bustline fullness and balance wide hips. It is attractive on a mature figure as it’s often better to showcase shoulders rather than decolete’

A mock turtleneck is better on med. to shorter necks. Good alternative to full turtle.

The keyhole neckline is like wearing a necklace as it will take the eye there and keep interest high on body. It will visually slenderize the upper body and increase the hipline. Avoid on long necks.

The jewel neckline is designed to show off beautiful jewelry, thus the name. The round line adds pounds to short necks and double chins. It is also not good for long necks as it showcases it’s length.

The halter slenderizes shoulders adding fullness to bust and hips and directs the eye to the face.

Gathered necklines adds fullness to the bustline. Flattering to small busts.

The funnel usually is mock turtleneck high but does not hug the neck. A fashion style which comes and goes. Best on med to long necks.

A more casual neckline, like a t-shirt. Not good on long necks unless worn with collar or Turtleneck under it.

The boat neck is a slash neck which creates a horizontal style line broadening shoulders and minimizing hips. Very good on narrow shoulders. A scarf or necklace can be worn to soften line on broader shoulders.

Asymetrical takes the eye to shoulder to broaden and the diagonal line is usually minimizing on a fuller bust. It will elongate neck, and help balance full hips. It adds interest and style to any garment.

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