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Decoding Denim. Your Perfect Jeans.

Jeans are classic wardrobe fare for some of Spring’s most enjoyable weekend activities: picnics, bbq’s, boating, fishing, and baseball, to name a few. But nothing is as fun when you don’t feel good in your denims. eans are tricky. And with such a wide selection of cuts and colors available it can leave us overwhelmed. So let’s break down the common cuts and see if we can help clear the mystery.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans do not cling to the thigh nor dip at the knee. They hang vertically straight with no taper or flare at the hem. Straight leg jeans are generally the same circumference from the knee to hem and are most flatterint hemmed 1 to 2 inches below the ankle. Good for X, A and Y body types.

Tapered Leg Jeans

Tapered jeans do just that. They gently taper from hip to ankle. Altso called Slim Cut, the hem circumference is smaller than at the knee. An alternative to Skinny Jeans for a fuller figure since they do not cling to thighs and calves and ankles. Remember, the tighter the taper the bigger the butt.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are very tight with fitted tapered legs, and can help balance the I-Rectangle body type as they help create curves. Avoid with wide hips and/or saddlebags. Can be disproportionate on Y body types with broad shoulders. Of not taken into consideration, and is should, skinny jeans showcase knock knees, bowed legs and  heavy or very skinny calves.

Boot-Cut Jeans

Boot-Cut Jeans fit snugly from hip to knee then flare out slightly below the knee to accomodate boots or similar footwear. They balance A-Triangle horizontal body types with the fuller ankle. Boot cut jeans are best hemmed a quarter inch from the floor.

Flared Jeans

Like Boot-Cut jeans with a bigger flared hem. Flared Leg Jeans resemble a bell shape when viewed from the back. Flares flatter many body types. Be sure to wear with heels to bolster the long-leg effect!

Boyfriend Jeans

Jeans with a relaxed fit, distressed and rolled at the hem are often called boyfriend jeans. A comfy and casual look, they are best on longer legs as the rolled hem cuts leg length.

Trouser Jeans

“Trouser Jeans” describes appearance more than cut mimicing he effect of dress pants. Usually dark, solid and with a mid-rise, they can flatter many body types. For maximum slenderizing opt for a defined crease down the front with no rear pockets.

Other Considerations


Rise describes the measurement from navel to crotch, and affects where jeans sit on the body.

Low Rise (7-8 1/2″ long, sit 3.5-4″ below the waist): best for shorter torsoes and longer legs as they visually shorten your legs. If flesh bulges over the belt line do not wear with a fitted knit! Though that appears to be the trend inappropriately worn I say: no muffin top for you! You’re just to classy for that.

Mid-Rise (8 1/2 – 10 inches long, sitting 1.5-3.5″ below the waist): Classic and flattering to most.

High-Rise (10 1/2″ and up): will elongate your legs but are generally best straight legged or full leg. High rise skinny jeans will showcase any figure flaws. Avoid with short torso or waist.


Pleats can add the illusion of weight to the body. Be picky – misplaced or over-done pleating looks sloppy. Pleats+high-rise = “Mom Jeans.”


Cropped jeans will shorten your legs and add heft to your figure. Great on longer legs and generally more flattering with a heel height.


If you want to draw attention to your bottom half and away from your top, choose a lighter or brighter denim colors. To draw attention away, choose darker more neutral colors. A solid color is nearly always the best choice.


The bigger the pattern the bigger your booty. Decide what you want to accomplish and choose pattern accordingly.


Embellished pockets, bling, whiskering, rips, tears and fading draw attention to your bottom half. Simple, clean and dark will slenderize.


Jeans with flats should break SLIGHTLY over the front of your foot long enough to cover the back of the shoe but not so long as to drag on the ground. Jeans that are cut to wear with heels need to be worn WITH HEELS, not with flats. A woman of distinction and style never allows her hem to drag on the floor.

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