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Curly Hair Conundrum? How to Style Curly Hair

I have read your book front to back!  I am very interested in how I can use my naturally curly/wavy hair to my advantage. I currently have grown my hair to one inch below my shoulders. There is a bit of layering that breaks about an inch from my hairline in the back.  I have an oval face. I have tried several (many) different kinds of product to create a loose curl, the back hangs in ringlets, with the front around my face being a little straighter. It has been a hit or miss, with the miss days being worn up.I am beginning to think that I need a different cut to create the look I want.  I am very open to change and I have had many different hairstyles over the years. I am currently 50 years old, not over weight with good skin.

Sabrina Gatewood

Hi Sabrina,

Fortunately curly hair has taken over for stick straight and you can use that to your advantage but there are many types of curly hair, and different answers for each.

The most important thing to remember for curly hair is to avoid shampoo. I know we are from the era where we shampooed every day and it’s a tough adjustment. Still, you can wet it every day to reactivate the curl and products used, and you can use conditioner in place of shampoo.

On wet hair blot with your towel and don’t rub. Use products such as an oil, support gel, and/or curl control cream. I like to mix them. Moroccan Oil has some popular products. There are many catering to curly hair, and the products I choose are often based on that. What works for one curly girl doesn’t for the next, so I am usually experimenting based on that when I have curl in my chair. The curly girls in the salon shampoo from once a week to once a month. (Dry shampoo works in between).

After applying your products come them through then take a duck bill clip and lift the hair at the top and crown to allow it to dry up and off the scalp for more lift on top. Arrange your curls by supporting gently and allow to air dry. Any movement with air will encourage the hair to “frizz.” Basically create a wet set arranging your curls to a style you’d like to see when dry. You can even create pin-curls in areas that don’t seem to have as much oomph. This is often the top, temples and sides.

Scrunch as it dries moving it very little until it is dry. Just to support the coiling as it is drying. When COMPLETELY dry, take a little of your oil and rub it into your hands, then scrunch it into your hair. You can use a tail comb to pick it out, or fingers. Tousle at the roots only to shake the curls and allow them to tumble. Depending on your curl type you can use a hairspray to give more definition and support. There are many, I find good luck with the Moroccan Oil strong hold.

If your hair tends to get flat on top, you may need to back comb just at the scalp and lift the back combed areas with a lifter.

If this is too messy a look for your curl type or personal style, it is at this point that you can take random pieces and control with a curling iron. Even if you have very fine hair, it is still better to let it dry this way rather than pulling out all the natural curl, then trying to put it back in with a curling iron.

I hope this helps. Like everything in the beauty business there is no catch all tips. Each is different, but figuring out your OWN ritual is a continual process as our hair continues to change. I think I’m going to bring back frozenorange juice cans and pink tape. That works too!

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