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Communicating with your Hairdresser

“Yes, I loved it.”

Has anyone else cut it since?


And you liked the length?

“Yes–I got so many compliments on it.”

In my mind, if it’s been six months since her last cut with me, and she liked it, simple math tells me that if hair grows an average of half an inch per month, then it was three inches shorter when I last cut it. I decided for safety’s sake to cut just an inch and a half. It seemed a better length.

When I turned her to the mirror she was shocked. Oh my, that’s short! I repeated our consultation when she remembered, “Oh yeah, I DID get one haircut in between.”

Though the haircut was attractive on her, she wasn’t comfortable with the length, and I wasn’t comfortable with her being uncomfortable. Had we communicated better, and had I trusted my intuition, I’d have pressed further. Fortunately her words, “It’s just hair, it will grow,” helped. I will remember everything the next time she’s in my chair and will undoubtedly just trim the ends.

What you say.                              What we think.

I want something fun.                       She wants choppy texture. I want it to feel sexy.                         She wants movement and length. I don’t want it too neat.                     She doesn’t want to feel old. I don’t want to look frumpy.              She needs more makeup. I need it long enough to pull back.    She wants control. I look terrible with short hair.             Trim the ends. I like fullness.                                     She feels fat. Not too short.                                    Wa wa wahh, wa wa wa wahhh. I don’t have time.                              She won’t take time. My husband likes long hair.              She likes long hair. I have a fat face.                               If I had a penny… How long have you been cutting      She’s testing me. hair? Can you come do this every              She’s not going to style it. morning? It has to be easy.                               Wa wa wahh, was wa wa wahhh. Whatever you think.                          She trusts me. You’re the professional.                      I love you. Do you think its short enough?           She wants more off. I’ll have to work with it myself             She doesn’t like how I’m styling it. I’ll have to get used to it.                    She hates it. Ok, it’s fine.                                        She wants to get out of the chair, fast!

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