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Charm. Your Personal “It” Factor

She had “it.” I recognized it instantly. Ageless, timeless, “it.”

That was when I started watching. What was it? She was pretty, sure. Many women are. She had an attractive shape, many women do. But here was a woman 60 decades a senior to young starlets who couldn’t compete. What was it?

It was charm, of course. But it was more, it was a combination of beauty, charm and study. It was strength and confidence carried by carefully studied and rehearsed movement. Movement and expression she had learned during the era of loveliness when she had left Minnesota to model in New York. She had “it.” *

The “it” factor. That indescribable quality that can outshine beauty, brains and a body.  A quality that makes you feel, when you are in the presence of it, special. You light up inside. You want to do things for her.

We’ve all observed this charisma in action, yet we likely couldn’t grasp what EXACTLY went into creating it. But, the moment a woman discovers the exact elements “it factor”- is the exact moment she gains the real secrets of social success, and the power to attract and influence others.

Alex Waugh, a British Novelist expressed it this way.

“Being in the presence of a charming woman is like being drawn into a magic circle where everything is fresher, cleaner; where there is peace, warmth, comfort. Her smile is occasional rather than constant, making one want to bring it back. The charming woman puts a man on trial in the sense that she produces in him the desire to be his best.”

Anyone can learn to be charming. It really only takes two things, self-discipline and thoughtfulness.

Many women are not born with charisma and confidence. In fact, many suffer from low self-esteem and and lack of confidence. Everyone can possess charm. The trick is allow it to awaken within you. Then let it express its grace to others and to yourself. Unleashing your Power of Pretty® is your divine right.

Charm is energy emitted like electricity or gravity. There is a pull, and exchange. Charm is an irresistible power to please and attract. When in the presence of charm you feel soothed, at ease, peaceful. It’s like a secret power that gives pleasure. Understanding others with compassion and expressing it with poise and grace it the very essence of the your Power of Pretty®

We all want to feel more powerful and in charge. We all want to make our lives flow effortlessly and feel confident through lifes unexpected challenges with apparent effortlessness. That’s why we learn how, so we are in better control. How you present yourself helps create an illusion that lifts you further than you could by simply shooting from the hip. When two people of equal ability, education, and experience compete it is charm that will decide who wins. You are a special and unique woman with unlimited potential. You deserve the confidence to express your uniqueness in its most high and powerful form.

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