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Balancing the Mid Life Midriff

When my grandmother was in her 50’s I remember asking her if she was pregnant. She told me she wasn’t but I persisted. “How do you KNOW you’re not pregnant, Grandma?” I asked. “Because I don’t have a husband,” she replied. “Ohhhh yeah.” That made sense. In younger photos I see her belting and tucking but after her hormones changed it was all about banded bottom blouses. The effects of hormone changes can prompt even the slimmest of women to disguise with dress. You can crunch all you want, but the weight gained in waist and abdomen is merciless. Fortunately we have “illusion dressing” on our side. With illusion dressing problem areas can be deemphasized.. Keep detailing, such as belts, to a minimum.

Minimizing the Midsection If you’ve got tummy troubles try these tips:

  1. Wear jackets. Wear them open for maximum profile flattery.

  2. Choose tops that skim and don’t cling.

  3. Choose blouse hems that fit at the hip but blouse above (blouson).

  4. Consider empire tops that allow fabric to drape and conceal.

  5. Gathered surplice styles flatter with diagonal draping

  6. Bring your breasts up and out (with the right bra) so fabric will cascade, not cling

  7. Wear vests. They can amp up an outfit and trim the torso

Comeback clue: To slenderize the midsection, consider higher armholes. Tighter arm holes trim your torso.

Waisted Efforts An acquaintance of mine stops me in my tracks every time I watch her walk away. She is an Innovative A2 (short torsoed triangle) with a narrow shoulders and saddlebags. She likes to tuck tight t-shirts into tapered trousers. This style line would not have been flattering on her 20 years or 30 pounds ago but add age and weight and innovative is not the first word that comes to mind. Women with hips take note: Accentuating a small waist only makes your butt bigger. Remember, when it comes to proportion, anything you make look small makes whatever is next to it look larger. Remember: Accentuating what’s small can make what’s big bigger.

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