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Augmentation and the Older Girl

Augmentation and the Older Girl

Not long ago I was sitting on a bar stool in a fashionable club when suddenly I was approached (well, almost accosted) by a pair of remarkably perky breasts draped ever so revealingly by next to nothing filament. “Christopher!” I heard the woman behind the breasts say as I refocused on her eyes. It was a former employee of mine who, 10 years earlier looked remarkably less, uh, in your face. As she rattled on about herself she included mention that she met a man who bought her new breasts. (No kidding.) As she slinked away basked in the glow of that finished first cocktail I couldn’t help but ponder. There’s something about old skin stretched over new implants. It just ain’t attractive. I’m all for surgical enhancement but the idea, at least my idea is that we notice your improved image, not just your additions. Aging augmentations exposed to the elements need shelter. Give.




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