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A Life Makeover Story

Hi Christopher,

I’ve been meaning to write you since 2008 – my life is totally amazing in so many ways, and pre-ordering your book was the first step to where I am today!

Too long to tell the entire tale, so Reader’s Digest Condensed Version:

  1. Husband left for overseas job March 2008

Before he left, family portrait; photographer used harsh lighting – I was shocked that I actually looked my age (that had never happened before). April 2008 (I think…) began the search for solid makeover advice specifically designed for women over 40 (my 45th birthday was looming in August).

  1. Found your book, gave it a try

I already knew several of the things you wrote about were spot on, so figured if you were right about all those you must be right about the rest; literally followed every piece of advice I could manage at that time. I noticed I was getting much better help in stores; clerks were actively seeking me out to see if they could help me, and I started getting free stuff from them and WAY better service. Old friends who hadn’t seen me in a while suddenly started referring to me as “hot” (really? Me? Hot?) Took a while to get used to, but now I expect it 🙂

  1. Started back to school that same year

I resurrected the Art Club, renamed it Team Art, graduated w/Associate of Arts degree May 2009, got a job, husband came home for a visit; when I picked him up at the airport, he said to me (this is November 2009) “How is it that you look younger now than you did two years ago?”

  1. Continued in school full-time, got a job as a computer lab aide at the college

I continued to frequently recommend your book to people who hadn’t seen me in a while and wanted to know why I looked so great (thinking you may owe me some royalties by this time…)

  1. Fall 2011 semester, filed for divorce the Friday before the semester started.

I knew it would be a tough semester but my intuition told me to ‘join student government.’

  1. Long story short: I am now First Vice President, along with a President and Second Vice President who are also go-getters like me (huge backstory there).

They started referring to us as “The Dream Team” when they found out we were at the helm as of February 1, 2012. On February 3 – 7, 2012, I traveled to Juneau with UAA Student Coalition members; packed a month’s worth of activities into 5 days (yes, really).

  1. And, this experience I owe to you:

Nick Pennington, Speaker for the Assembly of the Student Coalition, in his early 20’s, is from Kodiak; he and I ended up being the last two people leaving the hotel. We got a cabbie who also happened to be the dispatcher for the cab company. Nick mentioned Kodiak, and I said “my husband was stationed at the Coast Guard base at Kodiak in 1975.”

Silence from Nick in the front seat, then “I don’t mean to be rude, but wouldn’t that make you 50?” coming from Nick, who has now turned around and is leaning around the front seat to look at me closely. (Remember, we had just spent FIVE DAYS together in the same group).

I said, “Well, my husband is 54, but I’m 48.”

He gasped and said, “I thought you were 32” whereupon, the cabbie reaches back, flips on the dome light and turns around to stare at me… for several seconds… we started to veer into oncoming traffic, and for a couple seconds I thought, “I’m going to die in Juneau on the way to the airport because I look 32 instead of 48, and it’s all Christopher Hopkins’ fault…”

My life is so amazing now; I owe it to YOU for teaching me how to look my best, and when that happened, I started to realize for the first time what a huge impact one’s appearance has on others’ reactions; I never used to get this much attention or respect. Despite the hardships, it seems easier to find ways to cope now; this past summer, I started running at a track; I leave first thing in the morning, don’t eat beforehand; have transformed my body into one looking much more fit than I have ever looked in the past.

My goal, when I got your book, was to tackle the beauty, makeup, fashion, fitness approach to a degree that I had the 20-something college girls jealous of me. Guess what? IT WORKED!!! Wish I had some decent pictures to send you; too busy living life to stop long enough for a photo session! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful advice; I am certain it is because of you that my life is as amazing as it now is; I literally never dreamed I could have this much fun at my age! I’m looking forward now to getting older, instead of dreading it as I used to, thinking one day I would wake up looking like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies!

Thank you again, Christopher; my 50th birthday is August 6, 2013, and I promise I will do everything in my power to come to Minneapolis to have YOU do a makeover for my birthday present! (Can I book an appointment that far in advance?)  I love you and everything you do!

Ever Yours,

Dawn Adamson First Vice President, Mat-Su College Student Government Mother of the three coolest daughters in the world Stepmom of the world’s coolest step-daughter Step grandmom of the two most adorable step grandbabies ever

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