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A Lennon Sisters Tribute, because, that damn Power of Pretty got me again.

Not long ago a blogged in my Power of Pretty column, usually reserved for Wednesdays, about the Lennon Sisters. In mid century America, young women were encouraged to harness elegance, loveliness and femininity and use that as her power. It became sort of a passe’ concept at the onset of the 70’s.

One of the reasons for this recall of a Lennon Sisters blog is because as a result of that blog I had the opportunity to meet three of the Lennon Sisters (Kathy, Janet and Mimi) when they were visiting MInneapolis. I was delighted to see first hand that loveliness reinterpreted for these women in their “second act.”

Robert and I joined them for lunch, and later, unexpectedly, they sang. I would call these women, now in their 50’s and 60’s more lovely, more powerful, more interesting and more dynamic than we were allowed to see fully on early television (and can now see again via the magic of youtube you must check out http://www.youtube.com/user/tvcollector71). What a treat.

It is actually semi freaky, to be honest. I mean if you are watching people performing in black and white with pin curl sets and crinolines, and then see them performing 50 years later right next to you in the next youtube clip, still youthful and vivacious, it’s sort of other worldly, actually.

Oh hope, for us all we all have the chance beguile from our teens well into what was once considered twilight.

Check out this clip…summer 2009.

Now for “other worldy” check out this clip, from nearly 50 years ago. SERIOUSLY!

Now here, I just had to post. If you heard how most might interpret the song it would be with a “so get off your ass, buddy” attitude. How interestingly more powerful to smile so politely and sing the same thing. Which attempt, do you think, might get the desired response?

This one was made the year I was born. I love the early 60’s. No wonder I’m in the beauty business. This commercial is hilariously entertaining. Oh that whisper quiet Bouffant Bonnet!

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