Absolutely! We’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prices vary depending on which services and with whom those services are created. You can call 612 377 2711 for more exact pricing. The rough estimate for a full makeover is around $600.00.

Check out our website services page which can give you an idea of our different makeover packages.

It can vary week to week. Call 612 377 2711 and we can give you a more definite answer.

I recommend reading the book “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.” It offers all my inspiration andinformation on how to look and BE your best at any age. Also check out my “Power of Pretty®” video series.

Unfortunately I do not have the extra time to do online consultations.

If you give yourself the time and are willing to put in the effort, yes.

An artistically gifted stylist will be able to recreate a haircut using his or her own interpretation. One cannot just “follow the cut

We can give you the color formulation we chose. A qualified professional, using that formula as a guideline, should be able to duplicate the color.

Between four and six weeks.

The closer the finished color is to your regrowth, the longer you will be able to go between color appointments. If the color is similar to what grows out, you can go up to 10 weeks.
Keeping it simple: Cut every 5 weeks, and color every 5 or 10 weeks.

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